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Hostwinds shut down my website because of malware infection

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hostwinds-shut-down-my-website-because-malware-infectionDid Hostwinds shut down your website because of having a malware infection? This is really very common with many hosting companies. They are very quick to shut down all of your websites to stop the spread of the malware. This also gives them an opportunity to send you to a partner service that makes a large recurring income by fixing this for you. You do not have to pay monthly for someone to fix your website and remove the malware.

We offer a malware removal service. Click here to see our packages and you can visit our testimonials page as well. Read More

Dreamhost shut down my website because I have malware infection

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dreamhost-shut-down-my-website-because-i-have-malware-infectionWhat to do if Dreamhost shut down your website because of malware infection?

Getting your website hacked really isn’t a pleasant thing. Follow these steps to fix this problem quickly. You have to realize that Dreamhost will not allow your site to become online until the malware is removed. They do this because they are trying to prevent all of the other websites on the shared hosting from getting hacked. They are not trying to be malicious they are just trying to protect their other customers from the same fate as your website. Read More

My website has been hacked and redirects to a porn website

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my-website-has-been-hacked-and-redirects-to-a-porn-websiteWhat to do if your website has been hacked and redirects to a porn site? In the world of malware we see this quite often. Imagine having a business website and your clients are being redirected to porn! This is horrible and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The first step is to remove the malware that is on your site. This can be frustrating for many people because malware can be tricky to spot. Many times it is made to look like legitimate files. So it’s really easy to delete an important file.

Also these types of malware redirects can happen in a few different ways. Usually its when someone clicks your link on Google then it redirects not when they go directly to your website. Read More

Securi charges monthly for malware removal our service doesn’t

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securi-charges-monthly-for-malware-removalSecuri and many of the other malware removal companies charge a monthly rate to remove the malware and protect your website. You don’t have to pay monthly to have the malware removed from your website honestly. We also will harden your site to protect it from future hacks. Thats right! You do have the responsibility of keeping your website updated. That includes all plugins, themes, and WordPress versions and we offer a monthly service to do that for our clients if needed. That is something anyone can do after you have been hardened! Read More

Ipage shut down my website and hosting because of malware infection

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Did your ipage website get hacked? What should you do if ipage shuts down your website because of malware infection?

The first thing that happens usually is that you are notified by ipage that your site and hosting account has been compromised or hacked. Then they will try to refer you to a partner for a monthly fee per website that you own to fix this problem. These charges can become pretty hefty to say the least. You don’t need to pay monthly for malware removal and hardening. Read More

Hostgator shut down my website and hosting because of malware infection

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hostgator-shut-down-my-website-and-hosting-because-of-malware-infectionWhat do you do when Hostgator shuts down your website and hosting account because you have malware infection? This is scary and it happens all the time. Usually you get notified by Hostgator by email. Something along the lines of we have found malicious files on your hosting account and we have suspended your account until you fix the problem. Then they say our partner can fix this for you no problem for $$$ per month per website. Read More

Aabaco shut down my website and hosting because of malware infection

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aabaco-shut-down-my-website-malware-infectionDid Aabaco shut down your website because you were hacked and infected with malware. Aabaco is not the only hosing provider that gets hacked. Unfortunately they all do. Most of the hacking comes from people not keeping their WordPress sites up to date. If they miss security updates then they will become vulnerable then get hacked most likely.

What should you do if you get your website hacked and shut down by Aabaco? Read More

Your GreenGeeks website and hosting account shut down because of malware

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greengeeks-hosting-account-hacked-and-shut-downThis article is about what you should do if your Greengeeks hosting account gets hacked and they shut down your website because of malware. This is nothing to do with Green geeks actually many hosting companies get hacked all the time. It’s because people let their websites become vulnerable. Let’s talk about what you can do to get your websites back online.

We suggest you let a professional repair your malware – Click here to see our packages! Read More

Hostmonster shuts down my website because of malware

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hostmonstor-shuts-down-hosting-and-website-becaise-of-malwareHas your Hostmonster website or hosting account been shut down because of a malware infection? If so here are somethings you can do to get your site back online. Malware affects so many website owners these days its crazy. Literally over 30,000 websites are hacked every single day! This is for several reasons mainly the website owners forget to update their websites. Most of the websites that are hacked are running the WordPress platform. So what do you do? Read More

Godaddy shut down my website because of malware infection

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godaddy-account-hackedWhat to do if Godaddy shuts down your website because it is infected with malware. How do you fix a hacked Godaddy account? Say what? Yes that right surprisingly your hosting company will shut you down if you get infected with malware. That is the sad truth. They will try to pass you off to a partner that will fix your malware problem of course for a monthly fee. The truth is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to remove malware and stay protected.

Our service will remove the malware and harden your site for a one time fee! Click here to see our packages. Here is the big problem with being shut down. You cannot go login to your website and run software that will remove the malware. So you are basically stuck. You can however access your cpanel and if you know what malware looks like you can remove it but who know’s that? So you are back to being stuck. Let me outline exactly what the process it to get your website back online.

The first step is to remove the malware. You can get your hosting company to send you a list of the infected files. You can go into your hosting account and remove those files very carefully. The problem with that is you didn’t figure out how they hacked into your site so you will get hacked again as soon as your website is online again. So you have to remove all of the malware then contact Godaddy and they will put your website back online again.

The second step is to harden your website. You have to find all of the backdoors and remove them if you miss just one the malware will come right back and you will me either blacklisted or shut down again. So the key here is to fix it right the fist time or this can be a never ending problem for you and your website. The worst part is if you are a business your clients will lose trust in your website if you have malware problems for an extended period of time. Also don’t forget to update all of your themes, plugins, and WordPress version. We actually will install a completely new version of WordPress that is malware free as a part of the hardening process plus much more. We specialize in malware removal for WordPress and all other types of websites.

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