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Has your website been blacklisted in Google? Do you see the red warning screen that says “site ahead contains malware?” or “the site ahead contains harmful programs” Have you seen a notification in the Google search results that states “this site may be hacked?” It’s important to realize that Google has deemed your website unsafe for visitors, and this is devastating for businesses large and small. It’s very important to take immediate action and remove the malware and protect your website. Your website is an investment and for many its how they earn a living. You may be feeling discouraged especially if you have put in so much time and effort into your site, not to mention money. It is horrible that people are so malicious to destroy another’s property for personal gain or just to be mean. Our malware removal service will fix this problem and secure your site. Website malware removal is vital for the survival of your website.

There are serious consequences of what can happen if your website has been hacked. The most devastating effect is the fact that your business website is losing income from this malware. This can happen instantly from a Google blacklist! Some websites lose thousands of dollars every single day and are not operational. No one will purchase from your website if its infected with malware. Would you do that? Also many types of malware attack the identities and information of your website visitors which put them at risk. Many people have had their credit card information, or personal identity stolen from malicious websites. In some instances, it takes individuals years and thousands of dollars to recover their good name and credit standing.

Remember that you are not alone! Did you know there are over 30,000 websites hacked every single day. Many of these hackers just want to steal your website traffic for a variety of reasons and are amateurs but it still disrupts the flow of income for your website and it hurts the trust your clients have for your website. Imagine a customer getting ready to go to your website and make a purchase and they see a giant red screen that says this site has malware or has been hacked. They will not make that order! Ready to fix this problem? Click here to see our packages.

Any type of website can be infected with malware. The majority of times we will see websites that are running on the WordPress platform to be infected with malware more than regular static websites. There are several reasons for this. First of all WordPress usually becomes vulnerable if its not kept up to date. That means you must keep your WordPress version, plugins, and themes updated constantly or you will find yourself vulnerable and a easy mark for a hacker. We can fix any type of website malware but WordPress sites are by far the most common we see. Our WordPress malware removal service will have your site fixed quickly and efficiently.

There are many tutorials on the internet that will show you how to remove the malware from your website. Many of these tutorials will let you down because they leave out many important aspects or steps. One thing to keep in mind is if you have one infected website on your shared hosting server there is a good chance that you have other infected websites on there as well. So if you just fix one, the others can sometimes reinfect the one that you just fixed. So you must fix all of the infected websites on your server or delete them. We always check all the websites on the server to inform clients of other hacked websites.

We suggest that you hire a professional to remove the malware from your website. It is very easy to delete the wrong file and accidentally crash your website. Trust me, we see this all the time when people try to fix sites themselves and boom they crash it. Also your time is money! You don’t want to waste days or even weeks trying to trouble shoot a problem that can be fixed within 24-72 hours. Let us take care of this issue for you. We have trained technicians that will remove the malware and harden your site. We offer a 100% guarantee that if we can’t remove the malware we will refund your payment. We are standing by ready to get started to help you fix this problem. You can click here to see our packages or click here to contact us.