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Bluehost shuts down my website because of malware infection

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what to do?Lately we have seen many people from a particular hosting company “Bluehost” get hacked and as a result they get shut down due to malware on their websites. A huge percentage of the types of websites are WordPress. Please keep in mind that any hosting companies websites can get hacked not just Bluehost. Bluehost malware attack is just as common as any other hosting to be attacked. It is very common for bluehost to deactivated any account because of malware. This protects other people on the shared hosting so they don’t get infected.

So what do you do if Bluehost shuts down your website because of malware infection?

The first step is to remove the malware. They will not let your website back online if there is malware present. You have to remove the malware via cpanel or FTP and you cannot use scanners on the website because they have been shut down. This is particularly difficult for people new to malware removal because deleting one wrong file can take your site down. Bluehost malware removal is virtually the same on all hosting accounts.

We offer a WordPress malware removal service that will remove the malware for a one time fee of $99. Many companies will try to charge you monthly for this and it’s really not necessary. Click here to see our packages. We also harden your website to protect it from getting hacked again.

Then once the malware has been removed you can contact Bluehost and they will reinstate your websites. If you have any questions please let me know. Hopefully this will help your Bluehost malware problem and help you get back online.

Hosting company shuts down your website due to malware infection

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hosting shut site down for malwareWhat do you do when your hosting company shuts down your site due to malware infection? It happens everyday, you get a email from your hosting company that says your sites have been shut down because you have malware or they say if you don’t remove all of the malware they will shut you down. Then they conveniently let you know about their partner company that only charges $12 per month per site.

Well that just plain sucks! It almost seems like the hosting company is working with the malware removal company, wink wink! Yes, they are; its a set up! You don’t have to pay monthly to remove malware from your site and stay secure! Here are the steps you can do to save your money and get your sites back online.

You have 2 choices to tackle this problem:

1. Hire a professional service to go into your cpanel and remove the malware for you. We offer such a service that will do this for you. You can take look at our client testimonials or take a look at our packages. This is recommended but not necessary if you have the time and are feeling frisky. Read More

How to clean malware from your WordPress website

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clean-malware-from-your-Wordpress-websiteWhen you look at your website and see notice that you have malware, (here is how you can determine if you have malware on your website) you may feel overwhelmed, not sure what to do. Hacking is real, and big business for unscrupulous cyber criminals. Trying to fix it yourself can only create more problems unless you are familiar with all the intricacies of removing malware from a WordPress website.

Only trust a professional malware removal service to completely remove the malware and prevent its return. Amateurs often remove some malware, but are not experienced enough to find the hidden backdoors that is not obvious and will reinfect your website. A good WordPress malware removal service will clean all malware from your WordPress website and strengthens it against future attacks by providing a firewall.  Read More

How to check your WordPress website for malware

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How-to-find-malware-on-your-Wordpress-websiteMany times we find out we have malware because we get contacted directly from our hosting company or we go to our website and they see the Google malware warning or we go to our website and see that our website has been defamed or changed from the original. But how do we check to see if we have malware without doing any of those? How can we be more proactive? There are several ways you can scan your website for malware.

1. Sucuri Malware Scan – You can use their tool to scan to see if you have malware on your site. It’s not 100% but it will give you a quick non invasive look to see if there is any problems with your website.

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How to remove the Google malware warning in Chrome

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Did you get the dreaded red screen of death when you went to your website? Yes you have been hacked and this could be a long road. The big question is what can you do to get the warning removed and to get your site clean and healthy again. Google has gotten really good at finding sites that are being affected by malware. I have never seen a case where they are wrong about this. Hacked sites suffer tremendously because they will quickly lose their Google rankings and their visitors lose faith pretty quickly when they know that your website isn’t safe for them to visit. So here are the steps you can use to get rid of the Google malware warning and get back to business as usual.

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How To Secure Your WordPress Website

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40225144_sThousands of websites are  hacked on a daily basis. Unscrupulous individuals infect WordPress websites with malicious malware for profit. Identity information, social security numbers and passwords to bank accounts and other sites are sold for profit. Identity theft is big business.

Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to protect your WordPress website from hackers. Make sure your site has the latest WordPress version on it. Go into the WordPress admin account and login in. Check the update panel and make sure the latest version is operating. This will not stop hackers, but make it much more difficult for them to hack your website.

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WordPress Malware Removal Help

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18312140_sMore and more Americans are victims of identity theft. Computer hacking is big business. Hackers sell social security numbers, credit card passwords, and other personal data for a lot of money. More and more personal data is compromised at an alarming rate. These intrusions continue to increase daily. There are many ways your WordPress website may be hacked with viruses and worms. The ingenuity of these thieves is amazing, but there are ways to protect your data.

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First Step To Strengthen Your WordPress Site

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Protect-your-Wordpress-BlogAs of this year, there are over ten million websites on the internet, and about 26% of these are WordPress. As this open source content management system continues to gain popularity, these sites will continue to be hacked by unscrupulous individuals’ malicious intentions. WordPress security cannot be overemphasized.

Once hackers intercept passwords to log into a website, they create havoc. One of the most important things that you can do is to make a strong password for you site so that it is very secure and difficult to guess. One attribute of the WordPress login is that it will automatically lock up after three unsuccessful login attempts.

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Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization

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The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (usually referred to as the AMTSO) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2008. As the name implies, the goal of the organization is to help develop more standardized and objective anti-malware tests. In addition to encouraging general public discussion on the testing of anti-malware products, the organization promotes anti-malware testing education, and publishes standards, best practices, and tools to aid in anti-malware product testing. One of the biggest topics has been WordPress malware removal. That platform has many vulnerabilities especially for sites that are not kept up to date.  Read More