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Ultimate guide to Google malware and phishing warnings

By September 17, 2016April 27th, 2017Uncategorized

google-malware-and-phishing-warningsWhen surfing the internet on Google chrome you might find yourself in a situation where you are prevented from visiting a certain website. All you see is a red warning screen informing you one of the below messages.

  • The Website Ahead Contains Malware
  • Danger: Malware Ahead!
  • Deceptive site ahead
  • The site ahead contains harmful programs

Let’s explain each malware warning in a little more detail

  1. The site Ahead Contains Malware! The website that you are visiting has malware on it and will try to infect your computer. Malware can do many things like redirect you where they want. Many hacked website redirect visitors to porn sites etc.
  2. Danger: Malware Ahead! Very similar to the last warning. The website you are about to visit might have malware on it. That means you may be redirected or forced to download something. It’s best not to continue forward until you know that the website is clean.
  3.  Deceptive site ahead! This warning is letting you know that the website you are about to visit is not what you think it is. Its deceptive and trying to trick you in one way or another. A good example might be a website that request you fill in personal information because you have been selected for a prize but really wants your information for another malicious reason.
  4. The site ahead contains harmful programs! This is usually when the website you want to visit is running scripts that are designed to do damage by either installing malware on your computer for a malicious purpose like stealing passwords or other sensitive information or forcing you to download programs to crash your computer. There is many different reasons they would want to install malware on your computer.

Thankfully Google does this for our protection. They want the best for their website surfers and have developed some of the most sensitive scanners to detect malware on millions of websites.

Now if you are the website owner you will feel a lot more frustration and I will let you know how you can fix this issue. Google will not remove any of the malware warnings without your site being clean. That means you have to remove the malware before anything happens. Also keep in mind that as soon as your hosting company realizes that you have malware they will most likely shut down your hosting again until the malware is removed.

We suggest hiring a professional to fix this problem for you. We have a fantastic malware removal service that will remove the malware and harden your website for a one time fee! No recurring fee’s! You can click here to see our packages and you can visit our testimonial page as well to see reviews our clients have left for us.

You have to remove the malware. Then request for Google to remove the malware warning. This is done in your Google webmaster tools. Under security you have the option to request that Google will remove that warning. They will rescan your site and if they find malware they will tell you but if you are clean the will remove the warning and you can get back to business.