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How To Find Malware On My Website

How Find Malware Website

How to find malware on my website is a question I get all the time. Getting hacked is no fun and that is a understatement. First of all you need to understand your position before you can tackle this issue. You will either be suspended by your hosting company or your website will be live. So let’s tackle this step by step.

  • If your website is online. This is the best possible situation especially if you are using WordPress (which most websites are using these days). There are a variety of malware scanners you can use to isolate the malware and then remove it. I suggest trying Gotmls, Wordfence. They will scan your server and find the malware for you and remove it. Please note you will need to address how and why you got hacked to truly fix this issue.
  • If your website is offline because it has been suspended by your hosting company then you have far less options. You can request your hosting company provide a list of the malicious files. Most hosting companies will do this and you can remove them one by one via the file manager. This is very tedious and if you delete the wrong file you will crash your site. Once you are done contact your hosting and they will put your website online. Once online you will still need to deal with the how and why you got hacked.
  • The third and suggested option is to hire a professional service to remove the malware for you. Just think when your car breaks down most of us don’t tear down the engine and try to fix it. The same goes for malware removal. Hunting down malware can be very complex and you want a professional to fix this for you. Not only will he remove the malware but he will close the holes the hackers used to get into your site in the first place. That is really what you are paying for.

We have a fantastic malware removal service. We charge a flat rate of $99 per infected site (one tine fee). We remove the malware + Harden your website + remove any blacklists. 100% Money back guarantee and a 30 day warranty. You can click here to see our packages. If you have any questions please let me know you can click here to contact us or you call me directly at 1-844-349-4225. We look forward to talking with you soon.