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Hostgator suspended my website for malware infection

By October 26, 2016April 27th, 2017Uncategorized

hostgator-suspended-my-website-for-malware-infectionHas your website been suspended by Hostgator because of malware infection? If so don’t feel bad this happens to over 30,000 people every day across many hosting accounts. This article is designed to get you the steps to get this fixed quick and affordably. Hosting companies will try to get you to sign up for a monthly service to remove the malware. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to remove the malware! That is so important to realize!

You have several options to deal with this issue. You can either try to hire a service to remove this for you or you can try to fix this yourself. Whatever you do please don’t fall for the scam of getting locked into a contract or paying a huge monthly fee.

We offer a website malware removal service that will fix this issue for you for a one time fee. Click here to see our packages! We guarantee our work 100%. We also will harden your website so you don’t get hacked again. If you have any questions you can click here to email me or you can call me at 1-844-349-4225.

Now if you decide you want to fix your website yourself you will need to reach out to your hosting company. Since you have been suspended you cannot use tools that will allow you to scan your website. You will need to get a list from your hosting company of the malicious files on your server. Then go remove them one by one via the file manager. This can be tedious and dangerous if you accidentally delete the wrong file. You can seriously damage your site if you make that mistake.

Thats why we suggest hiring a professional to take care of this to you and you don’t have to waste days even weeks trying to fix this issue. We can normally have your site fixed in 24-48 hours. You can click here to see reviews our clients have left for us.