This site may be hacked Google warning

Learn how to remove the Google warning “This site may be hacked”

For most people they are usually going about their day and they notice that when they type there website in Google they realize that Google is displaying a message that says “The site may be hacked”. This is really a warning message that Google displays to let possible visitors know that this website could be dangerous.

Google has spiders that scan millions of websites every day and when they find malicious code on a website, they want to warn the visitors and let the owner know that you have a problem to get fixed.

When you see this message, you have to realize there is a huge possibility that you have malware on your website. Malware comes in many forms and they are designed to do different things. Some malware will redirect your visitors to websites of their choice. Some have a far more malicious design so its important to get this off your site and get Google to remove this warning.

How do you remove the malware and warning?

You have several options when removing the malware. You can hire a service to do this for you. Which is the recommended course of action because your time is what’s important. You don’t want to waste days, and weeks trying to get this issue fixed when you can hire a service to get it done within 24-48 hours.

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If you want to fix this yourself, here are some things you can do to get started. Contact your hosting company and have them do a scan of your entire server. You might have to ask a few times. They will give you a list of all the malicious files on your server. Go login to your cpanel, then go to your file manager and find each file and delete one by one. There can be just a few files or there can be thousands to delete. Then after they are deleted, go login to your Google search console account and in the menu on the left select security. There you will see an option to request Google to remove the warning. Tell them you clean up your site and it is malware free. Google will rescan and if your site is clean they will remove the warning.

You can also get this warning by having links on your website that go to malicious websites. For example, if you link out to a source of an article or information and later that website gets hacked then by association Google can tell its visitors that “this site may be hacked”. You can check this in the Google search console. Usually they will tell you some of the sources of the malware in the security report. Unfortunately, the warning message is usually because you have malware on your website.